Shopify VS WordPress: Which One is the Best Choice for Creating an Online Store?

wordpress vs shopify

Are you planning to create an Online Store to upgrade your traditional store? if yes, then you are making the right decision as the Ecommerce Retail sale is estimated to take a hype till the year of 2021. Now, you just need to choose the most appropriate website building platform that can help you to build up a professional online store efficiently while offering the ease to manage and maintain everything. Are you still confused between Shopify and WordPress? If yes, then drop all your worries now as we are here to help you decide which one is the best suit for your online store with the help of presenting our post as Shopify Vs WordPress.


Shopify is accepted as one of the topmost dedicated Ecommerce Platforms which is specifically designed and developed by a Canadian team in the year 2004 to sell online and the platform is trusted by more than 1,000,000 Businesses Worldwide as a reliable platform to start an online store of their own with Shopify. Since the introduction of this platform, it is powering up a vast number of Online Stores from every corner of the world and now it established itself as one of the leading eCommerce Platforms for businesses of all sizes. The users creating their online store with Shopify can sell anything online including the physical products, digital products, membership plans, Services and Consultations, classes and lessons, and many more.


WordPress is an Open Source and free Platform which can be used by anyone to bring the visibility of their business online and right now it is powering more than 35.2% websites worldwide. This free website building platform was introduced by WordPress Foundation in the marketplace in 2003 with an objective to provide a potential online platform to the businesses of any type and any size. With the use of this platform, one can easily create Businesses Website, Online Stores, Blogging Sites, Forums, Membership Sites, and many more. It is also one of the highly recommended platforms to start an online store.

To know which one is the better choice to start your online store, we are going to compare the various factors of WordPress and Shopify with each other. So let’s proceed further with it!

Ease of Use

The need for Coding is one of the biggest factors to compare when it comes to the WordPress Vs Shopify as the ease of use depends on this factor as well.

While using the Shopify, the users can easily and efficiently customize and create their online store without a single line of code. So, we can say that the potential target audience of this platform is the users without professional background or Non-Techies. Adding Products, Descriptions, prices, and variants is really very easy in it.

Unlike Shopify, WordPress is a bit complex as it requires the coding knowledge to efficiently utilize this platform for good. Same as Shopify, it is also complemented with a centralized dashboard from where the users can manage their online store. Irrespective of the complexity, it is more powerful and flexible than Shopify as it allows the users to perform complete customization for their online store.

Time Consumption

It is really very obvious that when it comes to the time consumption to create an online store, then Shopify is a good catch as it offers ease of use and the users can create their online store quickly without using a single line of code. And the result is quicker than others because it is specifically developed to build up online stores only. But when it comes to any other type of website, then this can’t be considered as a good choice.

Whereas, WordPress can be used to create both e-commerce websites and non-eCommerce websites as well. But yes, compared to Shopify, it is going to take more time to build an online store because it requires the technical logics to create a successful online store. We are very sure that You are aware of the fact that “The Fruit of Patience is Sweet” as when your online store is ready to run with the support of WordPress, then you will feel glad.

Design and Customization 

When it comes to design and customization of an online store, then let us tell you that Shopify comes with 70 themes that you can choose from, and out of these 70, 10 themes are available for free of cost, and the remaining 60 themes are paid. These built-in themes are good to save your time, but you can do very little customization in these themes. So the designing and customization option of Shopify is limited.

In the name of themes, WordPress can swipe Shopify in just a single blow as it is bundled with more than 1,000 themes that are specifically designed and developed to satisfy the need for eCommerce websites. The users can choose any of them for their online stores to add the desired look and feel to the websites. Also, the users can easily customize everything in the theme to bring their imagination into reality without facing any kind of trouble.

Pricing and Cost

To create an online store with Shopify, the users need to spend a little less money that will perfectly fit within their budget. But, we will recommend the users to go with Shopify only when their needs and requirements for the look and feel of their online store is simple, but if they want a complex design of the website with full customization option, then this is not a good choice. This platform comes with four different pricing plans so that the users can choose the best one according to their budget.

When it comes to pricing and cost to build an online store with WordPress, then it can be an expensive choice but yes, the quality is never compromised in it as it allows the users to make complete customization. We can’t state the exact amount that it will cost as the users need to pay for various things including the website hosting, template, e-commerce integration, and plugins.

Final Conclusion:

We will conclude our post with our final words that Shopify can be the right choice if you want to create a simple online store at a cost-effective price but, if you want to create a more complex website design with complete customization option for your online store, then no one can beat the WordPress. So, that’s all about Shopify Vs WordPress and now you can choose the most appropriate platform according to the needs and requirements of your online store.

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