Security is our priority

Nowadays, We observed numerous SQL attacks and different sorts of attacks on WordPress sites available over the Internet that occurs due to malware viruses and indirect accesses. These types of attacks on WordPress Sites are bringing security threats in the mind of the users. We all are aware of the fact that the future of business is online and this is the reason that you will find a huge number of websites selling WordPress GPL Themes & Plugins or other resources. Few of them are old websites and few of them are new websites. In this huge crowd of such websites over the internet, a maximum number of websites are getting products either from the free websites or vendors or from not so credible sources that contain harmful malware and virus or plant malware backdoors and are selling in every corner of the World at a very less price or a high, depending on their marketing techniques. And the problem lies here only because no matter if you are getting products at a low price or a high price, what matters here is that you should get 100% original products that are safe for use. Getting Scanned authentic products will ultimately result in reducing the security threat for your site. 

While making the purchase of products, you will see that every single website is claiming that yes, they are offering safe scanned products. But, you can’t trust them until they provide any proof to support their statement. Have you heard of the phrase that ‘Actions Speak Louder Than Words’ which means that what someone actually does means more than what they say they will do. So instead of claiming, the websites should provide the proof of their authenticity to their customers. Expensive and Affordable is just a matter of price because it doesn’t ensure you that you are making the purchase of the safe and quality files for your website. Making decisions without careful consideration can lead you to cause a huge loss as you will lose your money and also end up sacrificing the security of your website or your client’s website due to backdoors and malware. So, we will suggest you make the purchase of products only from such websites that provides the proof of their product’s authenticity that they are 100% safe and secure and will not welcome any kind of security threat to your website. 

We believe in transparency and customer satisfaction so that our customers can download products from our website, ThemePrice with full confidence. We aim to offer 100% Original and Safe Products to our customers at the best affordable price. So to maintain that transparency at Theme Price, we introduced our Scan report program for all the users so that they can easily check the Scan report directly from product pages as well. Even after downloading the products also, the users can re verify the products for their website safety purpose. Not only this, but we are also offering 100% Money Back Guarantee with No Question on every individual purchase of product. So, if you find out that the product that you purchased from us is not working well then, you can ask us for money back and we will do that without asking a single question.

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