JUNE 15 2020

Due to increase of leechers, we have restricted our membership download limits. We have cared for all real users, our download limit is sufficient for real users daily work.  Monthly Membership users can download 20 products per day, Half-Yearly Membership users can download 30 products per day, Yearly Members can download 40 products per day while Lifetime Members can download 50 products per day.

JUNE 14 2020

Important Notice: We have noticed several new and old websites in market selling products which contains malware’s , virus and backdoors for a high or less price. We want you to know that this things can harm your developed websites in a very bad manner. We have written a complete view for you explaining every details. Read at Scan Report page. So we have introduced our Scan Report Program which provide you confidence to purchase any products from ThemePrice and proves that our files are much secured. Lets together make a better community .Security is our Priority.

JUNE 14 2020 

We thanks to all the 11000+ ThemePrice Users for trusting and Loving us in this 1.5 years. As our main aim is to provide you quality service. So , we have today introduced our ThemePrice Automatic Updater which will solve all your hard work for updating manually. This features is for all users, Members or Individual Purchase. Please read our guide at Automatic Update Page to know more details.

20 MARCH 2020

We know that developers and members around the world use ThemePrice and our Services for Website Development. We want to let you know that World is dealing with Coronavirus Emergency.

First, the health and safety of our employees and customers is our top priority. We have implemented a number if sensible policy to this end, encouraging many employees to work from home. We will remain full operational and will do our jobs completely.

Thank you for being a ThemePrice customer. These are challenging times but i want you to know that we stand ready to help however we can. Together , we can get through this.

ThemePrice will also contribute $1 from each sales to help poor and needy people who are affected from the pandemic.