Weebly Vs WordPress: Comparison of Both Platforms to Decide Which One is Best for Your Website

wordpress vs weebly

Are you planning to start your own business website that can align with your business goals and requirements? If yes, then it can be a challenging task if you are a non-techie and don’t have the professional knowledge of coding. In such a situation, what you need to do is find out the most appropriate platform that can offer ample support to you to build up a professional-looking website. Are you confused between Weebly and WordPress? If yes, then let us tell you that it is a never-ending battle as both platforms are considered as bigger and prominent platforms to create websites. So, we are here to clarify that which one is better to meet the needs and requirements of your business needs via taking the battle, Weebly Vs WordPress Further by comparing the key differences of both platforms.

Weebly is a website builder as which is powering up more than 50 million websites over the internet. This web hosting service was introduced in the year 2006 and since its introduction in the marketplace, it is continuously updated with the latest advanced features to align with the needs and requirements of various businesses. Earlier, this platform was created with an idea to offer ease to the students who have to create Online Portfolio. But, now this plugin is accepted as a fully-fledged platform that allows the users to create build up websites for various use.

Whereas, WordPress is an open-source software which is available at free of cost for everyone to build up a personal or professional business website. Initially, this platform was launched with an idea to create a most prominent blogging platform but currently, it is powering more than 34.5% of websites worldwide. It is also an easy to use platform that is highly considered by the users to create their WordPress website to bring their businesses online. But, it can be a little bit hard for the people to learn those are non-techies and have no professional knowledge of coding.

Let’s Compare the Key Factors of these two platforms by keeping WordPress Vs Weeble as a Topic of discussion.

Ease of Use

If you are an amateur and want to build up a professional-looking website on your own, then we understand that the ease of use will be the major concern of you, so let us explain this factor here.

Weebly is quite easier to use for the first-timers to easily create a professional-looking website as it is a Drag and Drop website builder that allows the users to create a website without using a single line of code. The users just need to sign up themselves by choosing the most basic plan of Weebly which is available for free of cost. Choose a perfect theme according to your business and get started to build your website easily. So, this platform is more beginner-friendly and easy to use platforms.

When it comes to the ease of use, then WordPress can be a bit complicated than Weebly and can be harder for amateurs as it requires the knowhow about the coding. To start building a website with WordPress, you need to get a web hosting first and also need to get themes and plugins to meet the requirements of your businesses.

Design and Customization

The designing and customization option decides the look and feel of the website. So, it is also a major factor to consider while choosing the website building platform as crating a functional website is easy but creating a customized website is not an easy task with any platform.

Weebly allows the users to customize a few parts of the websites with the help of its drag and drop builder. The theme that you are going to choose for your website is also going to play a crucial role as it decides that which part of the websites can be customized or not. So, you are restricted to a certain customization option with this platform.

While using WordPress for your website, then you have the complete freedom to perform complete customization over the design of their website to bring their imagination into reality. If the users have the knowledge of coding then the sky of customization is limitless for them which allows them to create any part of the website easily.

Pricing and Cost

So, to create a website, which platform can be a cost-effective choice if the users have a limited budget.

The pricing plan of Weebly ranges from $8 to $25 per month which needs to be paid annually. All these pricing plans are complemented with a free domain name. To get additional functionality, you can purchase apps from the Weebly app center. It can coast you a huge sum of money.

Whereas, WordPress is already an open-source software which is free f cost to use. Here, the users need to pay monthly for the hosting service and domain name that you have to purchase on your own. The hosting service ranges from $4 per month and the price of domain name ranges from $10-15 per year. But, it can be considered as a cost-effective choice of a platform than Weebly.

SEO Optimized Performance

SEO is one of the main factors that is really very important to consider while choosing the website building platform as an optimized SEO of website brings the visibility of your business on the top pages of Google.

Weebly is complemented with an ultimate SEO Guideline which is specifically designed to make an entry in this competitive market for the first time. The users don’t need to work hard with this platform to maintain their ranking as the Weebly site is already optimized to a certain extent.

When it comes to the SEO Optimized Performance, then no one can beat WordPress as the entire SEO work is up to you. If you are a beginner, then you can get the Yoast SEO Plugin which is one of the most prominent choices to rank high in search results of various search engines that can be easily used by the WordPress beginners as well to boost the ranking of their site. So for SEO Optimized performance, WordPress is far better than Weebly.

Final Words:

We will conclude the Weebly Vs WordPress here with the final conclusion that it is really tough to decide which one is best but we are not going to leave you at the fence. So, if you are looking for a website building platform that is for beginners to create a website quickly and you don’t want a complex design, then you can opt for Weebly. But, if you have knowledge of coding and have a technical background in website building, then you should opt for WordPress. With WordPress, you can build a complex website design with complete customization options available that allows you to customize any part of the website easily. It will enable you to create a powerful WordPress website by gaining complete power and control over your site. You will get amazed by the performance and even if it will cost more than also you will be happy. So, now it’s up to you to choose the most appropriate one as per the requirement of your website.

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